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4 Ways to Ease Stress During the Holidays

4 Ways to Ease Stress During the Holidays

The stress of the holidays can take a toll. Luckily, a few self-care practices can go a long way in helping you stay calm throughout your celebrations, and into the New Year. From giving more kisses to taking relaxing baths, here are four ways to keep stress at bay.

Smooch it Up

Whether it’s a surprise kiss over breakfast or a big smooch when you walk through the door at the end of the day, grabbing kisses from your partner here and there can actually relieve stress. According to a study of two thousand couples conducted by Laura Berman, PhD, of Northwestern University’s Feinberg School of Medicine, those who kiss only during lovemaking are eight times more likely to feel stressed and depressed compared to those who frequently kiss on the spur of the moment. Kissing is thought to relieve stress by releasing feel-good endorphins and creating a sense of connectedness.

Drink Your Magnesium

The more we learn about stress, the more we know how much it can impact our health, such as our immunity. Natural Vitality’s Natural Calm magnesium citrate is a great way to literally calm down at the end of each day. Besides playing a role in over 600 biological functions, magnesium is what allows muscles and nerves to relax. Make a habit of sipping a warm mug of Natural Calm each night and let the magnesium work its magic.

Get More Sleep

Remember the time you pulled an all-nighter (or two, or three) and then got sick as soon as the semester/project/deadline was over? Studies back up your experience: Not getting enough sleep makes you more susceptible to illness. Research also shows that a lack of adequate sleep (for adults, that’s at least seven to eight good hours) makes it more difficult to recover when you do get sick. Why? When you sleep, your body does important repair work, producing protective cytokines as well as infection-fighting antibodies and cells. For those times when you need help getting enough rest, try Natural Vitality’s Calmful Sleep. It contains relaxing magnesium and a combination of sleep-promoting nutrients.

Soak Away Toxins

Adding magnesium and sea salt to a bath can turn an ordinary bathtub into a detoxifying mineral pool. The trick is to add quality sea salt that contains naturally existing minerals. Sea salt has a purifying and healing effect, while magnesium provides muscle and cellular relaxation to support optimal sleep, recovery, digestion and overall better health. Natural Vitality’s Calm Bath is a blend of the anti-stress mineral magnesium and Redmond Real Salt, which is rich in trace minerals.

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